How to Rescue Photos from Sony Xperia SD Card

Sony Xperia is a brand new product developed and maintain by Sony Incorporation. Its awesome look and exciting features attract masses of the users. Apart from its better look, the handy device is well in-line with high quality of the Exmor R sensor which are highly capable to capture all the glorious moments of your life. Moreover, like other smart phones, Sony Xperia also provides the facility to send or receive emails, messages and many more. Further, to boost your way and to provide better storage facility, Sony Xperia is made available with addition slot for external storage media. But, in spite of all these, sometime due to faulty operation and other reasons users may lose precious photos and images from Sony Xperia. Now, what you do to rescue photos from Sony Xperia SD card? It is one of the common question which hunts into our mind during photo loss situation.


Common Causes for Photo Deletion from Sony Xperia SD Card

  • Inappropriate handling of handy gadgets,
  • Ejection of the SD card from a smart phone without un-mounting them,
  • Going for formatting option,
  • Storing different images with the same name,
  • Manual deletion of stored files,
  • Shooting photos while battery gets low,
  • May be due to hardware or software problem.

Precautions to be Taken

In order to avoid data loss situation and to protect your photos from permanent deletion, it is necessary to have some precautionary measures before using Sony Xperia.

  • Do not overwrite the free space created after the deletion of photo files
  • Always remove the external storage media after un-mounting them
  • Do not try to format the storage media unintentionally
  • Always have a proper backup of your files

Way to Recover Photo from Sony Xperia SD Card?

If due any of the reasons your Sony Xperia SD card photo gets deleted or corrupted, then you don’t have to be puzzled. As here you will get all the complete information to rescue photo from Sony Xperia SD card easily. In this regard, an eminent and reliable digital photo recovery software came to your rescue. Its better scanning option and highly developed recovery algorithm perform thorough scanning of external media and perform all the very steps to recover it back. Apart from that, the tool is well compatible with all the latest versions of Mac OS X as well as Windows operating system including Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8.

Steps to Recover Photo from Sony Xperia SD Card

Step 1. Download and install digital photo recovery software and connect Sony Xperia to your PC.

Step 2. Select the external storage device and click on Start Scan option.

Step 3. Wait till the scanning process gets overred.

Step 4. Now, see the preview of recoverable images after scanning.

Step 5. After that, all the recovered photo from Sony Xperia SD card get stored in the folder file.

Step 6. Finally, select the specific location to save those recovered photo present in folder file.



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